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Holistic Wellbeing - Aromatherapy & Relaxation Techniques. Relax

How can Holistic Treatments support you?

All treatment plans are as individual as each woman that I work with.
I use Reflexology and Reiki as my main wellbeing and energy healing modalities and then add essential oils, crystals and breath work depending on your needs.
We will go through a consultation so I can understand your wants and needs before we agree on your bespoke treatment plan (which can include alternating between Reflexology and Reiki).

Holistic treatments work with your body's natural healing efforts it can support you in many ways including -

  • relaxation
  • improved circulation
  • balancing hormones (linked to fertility and menstruation)
  • stimulation of the immune system and of the lymphatic system
  • increased energy
  • easing tension
  • encouraging energy flow
  • pain management and
  • ultimately a well-balanced mind, body and spirit.

    My treatments are designed to nourish your soul as well as support your physical and emotional well-being.

  • Holistic Wellbeing - Aromatherapy & Relaxation Techniques. Library Image: Back Massage


    Symphony of the Cells or AromaTouch application -

    Reflexology or Reiki with Symphony of the Cells or AromaTouch application £45

    These are essential oil applications tailored to meet specific imbalances in the body, for example, hormonal, inflammation, respiratory, immunity, emotional & digestive.

    These are not massage therapies, instead they are the application of effleurage techniques along with specific essential oils applied to the back to help to promote feelings of wellbeing.

    These treatments work incredibly well when combined with Reiki or Reflexology as they may amplify the body's ability to naturally align and balance energy systems.

    Holistic Wellbeing - Aromatherapy & Relaxation Techniques. BREATHWORK

    Relaxation techniques

    Meditation and simple breath work techniques are other modalities I use to support the women I work with.

    We live very fast paced lifestyles and this can play havoc with our stress response, as often we find ourselves stuck in fight or flight mode. This stress response would have most likely saved our lives many hundreds of years ago when we we lived in caves and needed to escape from a vicious animal chasing us and trying to eat us!
    But now, we are experiencing the same response from a work email, trying to juggle and organise our day to day schedule, the demands of caring for an elderly relative, managing the pressure of our financial situation etc.
    The difference is once we had safely escaped from said vicious animal our body would return to its natural rest and digest mode.
    This isn't happening today and throw in our complex hormone system, we are heading for (if we aren't there already) major burnout. Our bodies were just not designed to be stuck in the perpetual state of stress.

    You may notice the effects on your body as anxious feelings, hormone imbalance, irregular or unsettled sleep patterns and digestive discomfort.

    Therefore using your breath to anchor your thoughts and clear your mind is a really powerful tool, it supports the body and mind to relax and you can train the brain to connect in to this state of being.

    I use simple breath work techniques in my treatments, we can also incorporate essential oils and crystals too.

    For a simple anxiety meditation please follow this link: just click here

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