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Reflexology, Reiki, Crystals and Essential Oils
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Reflexology, Reiki, Essential Oils and Crystals

in Wokingham (close to Bracknell and Reading)

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Reflexology, Reiki, Crystal Healing & Essential Oils in Wokingham (close to Bracknell and Reading)

Welcome to Rainbow Bright Therapies.
Thank you for stopping by!

The heart of my business is to support women to feel better emotionally, physically and energetically.

You are here as you are no doubt a busy woman, with a million and one things to juggle, you may often feel tired, anxious, overwhelmed, stressed and even burnt out & are looking for ways to manage your physical and emotional well-being naturally, holistically and effectively.

I believe our energetic self is the foundation of our overall wellbeing, when this is out of sync it has a knock on effect on our physical and emotional wellbeing.

Often when your energy systems are out of balance you may be experiencing -

  • headaches
  • stress and/or tension
  • irregular sleep patterns
  • digestive issues
  • fertility concerns
  • support through pregnancy
  • hormone imbalance
  • a need for time out to relax and re-balance

    Therefore, I specialise in working with women using holistic well-being therapies such as Reflexology and Reiki, to support us to relax, destress, to help us understand & live in sync with our feminine energy and the ebb & flow of being a women.
    With the ultimate aim of balancing and improving our emotional & physical well-being.

    Reflexology, Reiki, Crystals and Essential Oils can support you to stimulate and enhance self-healing, clear & balance your energy flow, calm your mind and ease tension (amongst other things!).

    By using Reflexology and Reiki (oils and crystals) as our tools we are creating a habit which clears our energy, raises our energetic frequency and connects us to our feminine energy.

    By doing this we feel better physically & emotionally, therefore feel better equipped to deal with our day to day lives.
    We stop looking for external ways of escapism as we have the tools we need, as we live more connected to self and have a greater understanding of our energy.

    We know what makes us feel ‘off balance’ and therefore what we can do to protect and nurture our energy.

    My treatment room is a place for you to take time out and to honour how you feel as this is not a luxury but an absolute necessity as part of our hectic lives.

    Women are not designed to keep going in a linear way in a linear world, we are cyclical (and this is true wherever you are in your life cycle) and we need to honour what it truly means to be a woman.

    I cannot claim to diagnose or cure ailments as a Reflexologist and Reiki Master, but by nurturing your whole and finding time to be at peace at regular intervals it does have a positive effect on harmonising your energy systems.

    Relaxation is a really powerful tool to have in your natural wellbeing toolkit and by relaxing through therapies such as Reflexology or Reiki, you are helping and supporting your parasympathetic nervous system to reduce the effects stress has on your body
    As a Reflexologist, Reiki Master, Crystal Healer and Aromatherapist I specialise in working with women, using a combination of modalities to provide a healing space for you physically, emotionally, spiritually and energetically.

    It is important to me to offer a calming setting (based in central Wokingham, within easy access of Bracknell and Reading) for you to completely switch off.

    I am a fully qualified Reflexologist, Aromatherapist, Crystal Healer and Reiki Master.

    I am here to support and serve you for the journey!

    I look forward to working with you,
    Louise x

    (Wokingham, Reading, Bracknell)

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