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Reiki. Reiki

Reiki in Wokingham

Reiki is a form of energy healing. The word reiki comes from the Japanese word ray-key meaning universal life energy. The treatment involves gently laying the hands in a series of non-intrusive specific points on or near the body.
There is no massage or manipulation.

You may prefer to lie down or sit up, whichever is most comfortable.
You remain fully clothed, so wear whatever you feel comfortable in.

The whole person is treated, rather than just a specific area to restore harmony.
You may feel warm or tingly sensations during the treatment or you may have an emotional response, these reactions indicate a shift in energy is taking place.

The benefits of Reiki include -

  • promoting a feeling of calm
  • deep relaxation
  • a sense of wellbeing.

    Therefore, may be beneficial during times of stress, emotional upheaval, throughout pregnancy or when suffering a terminal illness.

    Animals and children also respond well to Reiki.

    The treatment lasts for approx 45 minutes.

    Incorporating crystals and/or essential oils in to a Reiki treatment may enhance the shift in energy.
    By placing the stones at specific places on the body, namely the Chakras and using the oils aromatically we are changing your frequency and vibration.

    Reiki principles
    Just for today do not worry,
    Just for today do not anger,
    Honour your parents, teachers and elders,
    Earn your living honestly,
    Show gratitude to every living thing.

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